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Admin Dashboard: Add Credit Card Payment Processing with Stripe

RepSpark now supports the integration of Credit Card processing using Stripe!! 

To leverage this feature you must first complete the application and setup process with Stripe directly.

Once you have an account created, you will need to copy the API credentials over into your Admin Dashboard.

Here's where you can find them in the Stripe Admin area:

Follow these Steps to link your Stripe Account to Repspark:

1. Log in to Repspark as an Admin user.

2. Go to the Admin Dashboard, then find the Payments & Checkout tab on the left nav.

3. Enable the Toggle for Stripe

4. Copy over the credentials for your API Key and Secret (password) 

5. Press Save.  If the keys are valid you will get a green check mark and confirmation message

In the Section below that, you can set some other Checkout Options.

1. Add an upcharge

-- This is common practice when taking credit card payments as a way to offset the fees charged by your CC processor.

-- Every order will have this upcharge added ONLY when the CC payment method is selected.

2. Choose Upcharge type

-- % or Total Order - this will be calculated against the order total (after discounts).  A typical upcharge % is around 3 to 4%

-- Set $ Amount - this would be a fixed fee, like $10 per order as an example.

3. Custom Checkout Message

-- This is custom text that displays at the bottom of the order review page

-- this field is optional

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